The Copenhagen Round-Up

You knew this had to happen, Copenhagen is more in need of Round-Up than my weed-infested driveway. There was an earlier mini-round-up, it’s over here if you missed it. Denmark, home of the Vikings, was an inspired venue choice for a gathering of activists and politicians that fully intend to rape and pillage the global economy, but Big Green has seen much of the world expectedly Thumbelina it’s nose at the agenda, post Climategate. Read on and find out what’s what in the land of Hans Christian Andersen…

Scaremongers in Scandinavia

Tears for Fears: Bill McKibben cast aside any pretence at manhood and bawled his eyes out in a churchenhagen for Hopenchagen in Copenhagen :

As I watched them go by, all I could think of was the people I’ve met in the last couple of years traveling the world: the people living in the valleys where those glaciers are disappearing, and the people downstream who have no backup plan for where their water is going to come from. The people who live on the islands surrounded by that coral, who depend on the reefs for the fish they eat, and to protect their homes from the waves. And the people, on every corner of the world, dealing with drought and flood, already unable to earn their daily bread in the places where their ancestors farmed for generations.

You really have to read it all to get the full emo-meltdown, then jump to the comments where he gets no sympathy:

g3cko Says: I cried the other day,too, but it was because I sat on my testicles. Suggest you go find some, mister tears mcteary, and start acting like a man. Men and women solve problems- there’s no place at the table for whiners. December 15th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

I admit it, I LOL’d. As the world’s weather hysterics gather in the gloom of a Nordic December, we are warned that there are only ten years left to fix the broken planet. Which is actually good news, because we only had 10 years left 20 years ago. COP15 might be a huge undertaking, but for one alarmist, it’s a huge ploy because it won’t do enough. A boy man named Sue Hillary warns that the oceans are acidifying. Fish cheer the news, inconveniently. The Alarmist that came in from the cold.

not the COP15 hottienot the COP15 hottie

The developing world wants reparations, but that’s a beg too far for even the Obamanistration. Oh noes, the UK’s Met Office is scolded for political lobbying. Translation, don’t get caught – we’ve got enough trouble right now. Uh Oh, only ten years left, but we might have to wait another six until:

a) they’ve explained away Climategate b) people forget about Climategate c) Michael Mann and CRU find the original data they deleted under an old filing cabinet, right next to that Twinkie that Briffa dropped at the Christmas Party in 1993 d) global spinning is the new warming

The Grand-daddy of global warming, the Master of Disaster, the Profiting Prophet, Missssster Al Gore landed in Copenhagen. Swooning may have ensued. Climate scientists have learned after the Climategate fallout to listen and give full, transparent answers to even inconvenient questions. Or, they could just call security: ..

Discussions in Denmark

Bipolar Canada was punk’d. A mayor that presides over a crime-riddled cess-hole burned his tax-payer’s money to fly to Hopenchangen and act as the UN’s useful idiot and Quebec’s Premier jumped in to trash his own oppressor country either. Not a pretty sight. Some say an agreement is possible. Wait, it’s all off! No, wait, it’s back on again. Talk is cheap, unless you’re a planet in peril, then it’s downright expensive. Something called ‘climate change victims’ has emerged at Copenhagen, and they want your money. Tuvulu is an island of 10 sq. miles with 12,000 people. I’m sure Tuvulu is very nice, but does anyone really care if it disappears under rising whale habitat? It’d be cheaper to give each Tuvuluan a million bucks to say toodle-oo to Tuvulu when the water’s lapping at the front door, no? Too-ry-eh it would. Sharpen up your hunter-gatherer skills, we’ve got to cut CO2 output 50% by2050. You know they just made that up to get the 50-50 alliteration, right?

grocery shopping, circa 2055grocery shopping, circa 2055

Developing nations turn on each other. And not in the good way. Saved by indecision? We can only Hopenchangen. China and the USA are bashing heads, which is good news for skeptics that prefer for the talks to go nowhere fast**. Deja vu, anyone? What could be the worst thing to happen if the warmists get their way? It’s not like there are dishonest people out there waiting to take advantage of their naivety, right? Oh, wait… nevermind.

Viking Volkstheater

Nothing demonstrates the Green’s love of planet and the environment like trashing shops, beating cops and firing off fireworks. Excitable yoots, I guess. Klockarman has movies. You know how the Danes could stop global warming? Shut a door or two, that’s how. Skeptics in Scandi-land? Say it ain’t so. Who exactly is it that supports the Green movement, other than dirty hippies?: .. Only 12 years too late, a UK Labour Minister decides it’s time to get their act together. Heh. Fox News samples the fringe street life that blooms around the COP15 event. I think hippies are involved, you have been warned. 30,000 NGO representatives showed up in Copenhagen to get a slice of Hopenchangen. But they’re not getting in:

NGOs must apply months in advance, and typically only make travel plans to attend after receiving complete credentials from the United Nations,” said Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, an accredited COP-15 NGO organization that is as of now banned from the conference. “To give credentials to 45,000 people while choosing a building that holds 15,000 people is insane, though the United Nations, to be fair, has never been known for competence.”

The Gore Effect strikes back.

Hopenchangen Hottie

Since Denmark is hosting COP15, it only seems fair to choose a person with deep roots in the country. And by deep roots I mean that she starred in a movie 10 years ago with an American who has a Danish father. Deep is relative, you see. Whatever, the clue was in the nowhere fast link above, so welcome Diane Lane to the Round-Up.


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  1. Using Visypaper as a sponsor in a shamfest is fitting. I worked for Visypaper in the early 90's. If management had the choice of paying to stop pollution or polluting every way possible because it was cheaper and unlikely to be discovered, polluting won hands down every time.

    One such incident Jan 1989 was the backup of waste water, it was full of pollutants, toxic waste and paper pulp. Every day it would build up in the basement of Visypaper 5 papermill at Coolaroo. Plant operators would be forced to wade in this disease plagued soup just to do their job. Harpers, a company that specialised in carting away offensive waste was called and for a little while was busy pumping the waste into four or five tankers per day and carting it away for proper disposal. It was not long before the tankers stopped coming. This did not stop the water from rising. That day when the tankers stopped coming, a large diesel pump arrived on site. I came in that morning and found this thing roaring in the basement pumping out the foul water. I followed the outlet hose and found it was being pumped into the storm water drain. I went back and switched the diesel off. Shortly after that the foreman came running down the steps into the basement. He said to me 'Did you turn that off?' I answered 'Yes, it was going into the storm water, why?' He said 'Because it was cheaper than Harpers.' I asked him. 'Who told you to do this' He indicated with his finger pointed skyward, meaning the office. I said. Pearson? He shook his head and pointed higher. I said. Pratt? He nodded and then said 'If you switch that off again the next time I come down it will be to sack you and then I'll have security drag you offsite.' That pump went day and night 7/24 for around a month pumping this filth into Moonee Ponds Creek. When the pollution was discovered by local residents, who noticed the stench and complained to the EPA. Pratt went overseas, all the employees were threatened with the sack if we opened our mouths to the massed media who were baying like rabid dogs at the gate, but not allowed access. Visypaper lied, lied and lied. There was no EPA hearing, apparently no charges, no fine, no newspaper reports, everything went back to normal because Pratt paid out some money to bribe the EPA and to upgrade the overwhelmed equipment that filtered the water.
    Why you have Pratts company sponsoring you in Copenhagen I cannot imagine unless it's just for a free junket. Tell Visypaper that this is the biggest twofaced display of hypocrisy in Australia's commercial history. The next story I might tell is the attempted rape of a female security guard at a Visypaper office party, with the subsequent bribery of police by Pratt to cover it up.

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