By Robert D. Brinsmead

The fear of carbon is the fear of life. The love of carbon is the love of life. Humans are animated carbon. Everything we consume and emit is carbon-based. Everything we make or purchase causes carbon emissions. It is not possible to control and regulate carbon without controlling and regulating every aspect of human existence. To be anti-carbon is to be anti-human freedom.

The war on carbon is an ill-disguised war on humanity, a war on human freedom. Carbon and carbon emissions are simply a proxy for human activity. This whole movement to demonize carbon is driven

by a world-denying, man-hating worldview. It is time to rip away the mask and expose the movement whose real aim is to put the human race in chains to a system that controls every aspect of human

existence. It is time to stand up and say, “You take your jackboots off my carbon and off my life.”

It is heartening to see that more and more scientists are waking up to the junk science of man-made global warming alarmism and that they are now coming out of the woodwork to say so. The movement to shut down our energy sources by a beat-up against CO2, if successful, would turn off the lights of civilization. It is fitting that the symbolism of the recent Earth Hour was darkness rather than light.

There has never been more than a small coterie of pseudo-science activists and social engineers driving this global warming alarmism cart. They have been remarkably successful in closing down the debate and silencing opposition by their big lie about their enjoying an overwhelming scientific consensus. They have intimidated a lot of scientists with the fear of losing academic funding if they should open their mouths with a contrary opinion.

As for the Media that refused to obey their own credo of rigorous investigative journalism, that ducked from asking the hard questions, that forgot they were supposed to be independent journalists instead of advocates for the popular hysteria, its integrity and credibility has been trashed by its own hand. Long live the free spirits of the Internet, the indefatigable bloggers who would not be silenced.

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Robert D. Brinsmead is a Horticulturist and a free-lance Writer.

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  1. A carbon footprint is a good measure of how much "prosperity" and quality of life we have. I believe "they" (whoever is behind it all funding it, arm-twisting everybody in the media etc.) INTENTIONALLY chose carbon dioxide as the culprit, so now they have an excuse to destroy our wealth and livelyhood and reduce us to empoverished third world people (instead of helping the third world populations to industrialize).
    All the ideas to reduce CO2 and to "go green" never produce any wealth, instead they hand out taxpayer money (where buying power is gained through productive activities) to fund "green jobs" that produce no wealth for mankind except the alleged "temperature benefit" of a few hundreds of a degree in a hundred years.

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