UN Scientist: 'The whole climate change issue is about to fall apart. Heads will roll'

Professor Dr. William J.R. Alexander, Emeritus of the Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, is a former member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters.

Excerpt: The whole climate change issue is about to fall apart. Heads will roll. […] It is also very important to note that global climate models are unable to produce an output that is verifiable. In other words the output can neither be proved nor disproved. What grounds do those who use these models have to refute observations made by others to the effect that there is no believable evidence of the postulated dramatic adverse changes produced by the models? […] Not only do our studies completely negate the claims made by climate change scientists, but we can demonstrate with a high degree of assurance that all the proposed measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions will be an exercise in futility.

There is no way whatsoever that the costly mitigation measures will have a meaningful effect on the world’s climate. [..] I cannot understand the deliberate attempts by a small, unrepresentative group of climatologists and environmentalists in the National Biodiversity Institute in particular, to vilify me and discredit my studies. What are they attempting to achieve? All that they needed to do was to produce scientifically believable evidence to the contrary. I must stress that the following is not a personal issue. I bear no grudges and have no chip on my shoulders.


2 thoughts on “UN Scientist: 'The whole climate change issue is about to fall apart. Heads will roll'”

  1. Many climate scientists are completely unaware of some relevant science and understand other relevant science poorly. The missing science proves that added atmospheric carbon dioxide has no significant influence on average global temperature. Any action that is taken to reduce human produced carbon dioxide to reduce global warming is a mistake and puts freedom and prosperity at risk.

    Dan Pangburn has been researching the global warming issue for thousands of hours in over two years. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering. See his posts at http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/3498631/questions-for-the-climate-change-brigade-to-answer.thtml for the proof.

  2. How do we get through to the british goverment,who have set targets of a 34% reduction in co2 by 2020 and it is costing us millions to achieve these targets.most of it going into the pockets of these low carbon credit companies that are springing up all over the place.

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