The Great Global Warming Con

By Peter Laird

A lot of people have been hoodwinked into believing that global warming has been caused by people, countries, factories and cars emitting co2, carbon dioxide. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We have been the victims of a hoax that simply engineers more taxes. I went to see Al Gore in Glasgow and it cost me £700 just to sit at a table and watch him speak about climate change, Hilton hotel in Glasgow. I believed it all.
I thought, shit the planet is melting! You see, my planet, yes it’s mine as it’s the only one I live on has to be protected against harm as it’s also my son’s and your planet. But let us look at some facts. Carbon Dioxide is a natural gas that has been in our atmosphere for millions of years, probably before time began as we know it. Carbon Dioxide is vital for our survival, we as human beings emit this with every breath we take and make. It is then absorbed by flora and fauna and transformed into life giving Oxygen. So to all activists out there who believe in save a tree I say, keep breathing as your co2 is needed by our green friends. i love this green place, I love clean water and I love being able to see a clear blue sky, apart from fighetr jets chem trailing everywhere.

It is a fact that has been proven by climatologists that the earth ceased warming in 1997 and that this is not due to reduced emissions from cars, vans nor factories. This is due purely to the effect the sun has on our atmosphere. Whenever the sun spurts it’s sun spots it is showing it’s power and violence. Sun spots are huge explosions in the sun’s gaseous climate. These spots not only affect the earth but they also affect every other planet. When you watch the news and you hear “oh my god the antarctic and artic polar caps are melting”. You are in fear as you think if they melt we will be flooded. This is wrong, they melt every year during the summer months and more so when sun spot activity hits our planet.

The glaciers are actually increasing in size as the earth is cooling, not warming up as Al Gore would have us believe. Sea level change, simple equation here is this. Glaciers melt, sea level rises, we drown. This is what you are told, so where is Noah? Reality, the majority of any glacier is already underwater so the top of it melting will not matter to the volume of water in our oceans. Oh and can polar bears survive? Yes they can, Polar bears have been known to swim distances of over 200 miles, tracked with rc collars. they have two layers of fur, the first one is so insulated that they will not even show on an infra red camera pointed at them as there is no heat loss. The second coat is needled, this means that each hair acts as a wee tube to absorb heat and transfer it to the core organs.

A polar bear in the water is at home as you and me might be lying on a sunny beach. The biggest threat to polar bears is us, man, hunting them and not climate change. Climate change is continual, we have had ice ages before and it has had nothing to do with human input of carbon dioxide. It is the result of the changes in the sun’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is not the issue here. Without co2 we die. So why has it become the issue? The answer is simple, cars and companies can be taxed because Governments and the media make it so. There is no legitimate reason to give a car or a van a co2 emission rating other than to allow a tax to be made on it. This would be the same as taxing dairy farmers who have herds that fart, so let’s have a fart tax too. Sounds funny, but it is not as the USA have already tried this.

And to all the climate change/global warming activists I just want to tell you a wee story. I recycled as much as I could. Plastic, tin, steel, paper etc. I had a green bin that it all went into. I was doing my bit for mother earth.

I was then faced with a problem as the local council, who i pay £1200 a year to in council tax, refused to empty the recycle bin. Eight weeks and they would not empty it and I complained to be told, we cannot recycle materials contained withing platic bags. I said so you cannot recycle plastic bottles and containers contained within a platic sack. I was told NO. So if plastic cannot be recycled when it is contained within plastic then what is the point. I then did some research and found out that the same council use 34 vans to collect the recycled waste, they do 1.6 million miles in diesel powered vans, medium size. to collect this waste.

Then they transport this waste to a central collection point. It is then loaded into trucks to take it a further 90 miles. This recycling amounts to 900 tons per week. So how is this friendly to the planet? This kind of recycling is counter productive as it is causing more pollution than it solves. I helped the ozone today, I took my recycling bin into my garden, stroked it fondly and said goodbye and set fire to it. People are not the problem, co2 is not the problem. Politicians are the problem.

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