One thought on “Video: STOP THE EPA”

  1. You won't be able to stop the EPA. Why? Because the global warming context has NEVER been about science — it's all about money and power.

    There is at least one global warming bill in the US Congress right now, but it probably won't pass, and it's not intended to pass. None of the "liberals" in Congress want their fingerprints on bad laws, so they'll buffer themselves by getting the EPA to draft carbon dioxide regulations without consent of Congress.

    Back in 1990, GHW Bush and a Democrat Congress gave EPA carte blanche to make new laws without consent. Why industry has failed to challenged the Constitutionality of the law I wonder every day.

    The Clean Air and Water Act Amendments of 1990 must be re-considered to strike onerous wording and unnecessary rules. It must start here and work its way through all subsequent rules.

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