Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 24 2009

By The Daily Bayonet

Yesterday was Earth Day, so what better way to cleanse the palette from the green deluge of feel good hippy nonsense than 100 links of skeptical goodness.Go get a beverage and a cushion, this may take a while.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore is a big fat liar. There, I said it. On his blog, Al claims that his slide show training sessions will be solar powered webcasts. Too good to be true? You know it. Here is the event for Normal, Illinois next week:

Solar at night

The event starts at 7pm. Sunset for Normal, Illinois on that date is 7.44pm. Solar at night, is there nothing the Goreacle can’t do?Al Gore and Barack, sitting in a tree, K.I.S… hey wait a minute.Profiteer Al is an investment banker, his firm is Generation Investment Management. Am I the only one concerned that Al has invested in something called Mindray Medical? Moonbats and their tin foil hats may be onto something.


Al thinks warm is bad for crops. He should see what cooling will do.

The Gore effect hit Vegas, albeit a couple of weeks late.

Not Evil, Just Wrong, an important film. Help bring it to a theater near you. It’s not just about light bulbs, says Al, as he celebrates the success of social engineering through green taxes.In BC, the election campaigns are under way and we are treated to some totalitarian versus socialist action. It’s popcorntastic.Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

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