Volcanoes, blizzards, and climate fools

At the same time as the scam in Fraudenhagen ended in an anti-climax for the idiots believing in manmade climate change, the eastern United States is preparing for a major winter storm moving up the Atlantic coast. Also, in Sweden as well as most of Europe we’re seemingly facing one of the coldest X-mases for many years. In my recollection only the year I was in the military can measure up for the cold we’ve seen the latest week. Granted I’ve been living in other countries for many years, but I’m usually home over the holidays. Several football matches have been canceled and people in south of Europe is freezing to death. Warmer climate eh?

I wish for a couple of degrees warmer, that would benefit humankind and as back in the middle ages we could grow grapes in Sweden again. However, the signs recently seem to indicate we’re heading for colder times. I’m only waiting for the New World Order alarmists to start warning for a new Ice-age.

Anyway, the second worst ‘pollutant’ we have in the world, far worse than all the factories, planes and ships put together, have shown its face again. Of course this foe was, and is, ignored by the scheming tricksters in Fraudenhagen, but people of the island Tongatapu, Tonga, has first class tickets. The volcanic activity in that area has recently put up a magnificent spectacle that should scare the living daylights of any climatologist. However, such eruptions throwing out hundred times more carbondioxid than any country are not as fun to blame as mankind. Humans can be controlled, be told how many kids to have and what cars to drive, it’s slightly harder to tell a volcano to: “stop polluting so we can own you”.

The insanity our elected masters and bought for scientists tries to sell us have been found out many times over. It’s not only climategate or thirty thousand plus scientists suing Al Gore; it’s not only Russian investigators saying how it is or NASA being found out lying, it’s so much more. And what about common sense? Since there’s not a single evidence for the manmade global warming hoax and since we actually know – scientifically proven – that the sun runs our climate almost alone, how can anyone out there actually listen to the alarmists’ claims?

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  1. Job 37:6 says, "For He saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth; likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength." God Himself has intervened by sending the snow to these two places of the earth at the time of this evil conference, putting the global warming alarmists right in their place and reminding people that puny man is not destroying that which Almighty God has created.

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