Fido and Evergreen – True Canadian Corporate Alarmism

The following is an email we sent to Fido Solutions (a Canadian cellphone carrier) and Evergreen (a Canadian environmental organization)

This email is in regards to the climate change page on your site. It’s too bad your organization is capitalizing on the myth of manmade climate change, and you continue to spread false information about CO2. I just noticed your affiliation with FIDO, and am happy to announce that we have successfully cancelled 4 cellphone lines with Fido because of this partnership with Evergreen.

Two thirds of the public DO NOT believe climate change is a serious issue, and they are realizing that human beings have about as much influence on the climate as someone farting into a hurricane. CO2 is not pollution, the planet has been cooling for many years, extreme weather events are at an all time low, and Al Gore and the UN have become laughingstocks around the world.

Please update your “mission” page about “climate change”. If you need proper, accurate information, feel free to peruse our site and the many others in the ‘top sites’ section here:

While we agree that planting trees and focusing on genuine environmental problems is a very good thing and is unfortunately often ignored by many people, the moment you throw the “climate” and “carbon” arguments into your mission it destroys any credibility you may have.

It’s becoming mainstream knowledge that large environmental groups have used and are abusing the debunked climate change theory to increase exposure, donations, and sponsorships. Shame on you for joining that bandwagon. Here’s a couple photos of what’s happening to Greenpeace nowadays:

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