Truth Or Lies?

So what is the problem here, global warming, global cooling or global scamming?

Well we get spin from both alarmists and sceptics. So who knows what is truth and what is fiction? I for one do, having researched thoroughly both sides of the debate and all available evidence.

I am not a scientist, alarmist nor a conspiracy theorist. I am a lay person on the outside that took a look into, that looking glass and thought, hmmmm we have a problem, THIS JUST DOES NOT SIT RIGHT IN MY MIND.

As someone who is ex military I have seen a few things in my time. I will not discuss actual events but I will discuss propoganda and disinformation.

Propaganda is the use of all available media systems to disseminate information that conveys the message that you want those receiving it to believe.

Disinformation is similar to propaganda but you feed lies and truths into the machine to create confusion.

So how does this effect the issue of Climate Change?

The simple one word answer is MASSIVELY.

What we all must realise is that we are being fed a constant stream of information from mainstream media. It seems to me to be a mixture of both propaganda and disinformation. So we are fed, truths and lies by these media organisations, remember the owners of these organisations are power brokers and elite. So we are told what they want us to hear and we view what they want us to see. The end result has two outcomes, complete confusion or numbness, the I don’t care attitude. Either result is acceptable to these power brokers.

However there are a lot of people who are now waking up to the sham and scam that is going on. More and more websites are springing up that attack the lies of mass media and governments ( notice that I did not use a G in government, we govern them not vice versa).

Do I believe in Global warming, hell yes I do, do I believe in Global cooling hell yes I do. You see it happens every year, winter, spring, summer, autumn and then winter again and that’s only in one year! But if we look back 10, 20, 30 or 10,000 years we can see cycles of the change to the global climate. It is ALL COMPLETELY NATURAL and yet we are told otherwise.

So if we can accept thousands of years of data, real data I mean and not the, concoted data supplied by CRU in East Anglia, then as rational human beings we can see that peaks and troughs of the temp rise and fall are normal. Or do we? Well no we don’t as the media using propaganda tells us otherwise. The information provided to the masses is critical and the information provided is one sided. When do you ever see the arguments provided for sceptics such as Lord Monckton shown on main stream media?

This article is not about educating you, this article has been written to make you ask yourself the same questions I asked myself when looking into Global Warming.

My beliefs are these:

Global Warming exists
Global cooling exists
Anthropogenic global warming does not exist
Anthropogenic global cooling does not exist
Cap and trade is a tax scam
Carbon trading is a scam

If global warming was real and CO2 was the cause of global warming then carbon trading means nothing. What it actually means is that Me Pete can buy Justin’s unused carbon emissions and use them for myself. Thus, this means that emissions do not drop, instead the remain the same but money transfers and tax is applied. This is not global warming it is global scare mongering to make the rich even richer by taking what little the poor have left in the way of taxes.

The whole climate change operation and that is what it is, an operation, is a complete scam to strip people of their money by taxing those same people for a problem that does not exist.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, go do some digging yourselves and as free thinking people, reach your own decision. You still have choice so use it and make your decisions wisely.

Peter T Laird

I am no longer afraid to show my name!

Peace Out.


2 thoughts on “Truth Or Lies?”

  1. John Stossel's recent global warming show could have been so much better with a reasoned, balanced approach discussing the true science which makes anthropogenic global warming completely idiotic. Instead he had an audience who bombarded him with ridiculous questions and assertions based on false assumptions. I expected him to raise questions which challenged the global warming religion. Things he should have mentioned:
    1. Temperatures in 1000AD were two degrees warmer. The Vikings grew crops and settled Iceland and Greenland during this period. Man thrived during this period. Its global cooling that kills with crop failures and starvation.
    2. The one degree of global warming we have had over the last 200 years starts from a low point in a mini ice age. Remember how cold things were at Valley Forge.
    3. CO2 is present in only trace amounts in the atmosphere and has to be measured in parts per MILLION. For every molecule of CO2, there are 2500 molecules of N2, O2, water vapor and argon. At 100% humidity, H2O, a strong greenhouse gas is 120 times more abundant than the weak greenhouse gas, CO2. The increase in CO2 levels of 80 ppm over the last 100 years is miniscule.
    4. In geologic time, CO2 levels are at record lows. Most of the biosphere evolved when CO2 levels were much higher. In fact over the last few million years, plants evolved a new photosynthetic pathway to capture more CO2, event hough the C4 pathway requires more energy (ATP). There is a CO2 famine for plants, especially plants that only use the C3 pathway.
    5. Increasing atmospheric CO2 is beneficial. Crops and trees grow 30 to 40 % better with more CO2. CO2 is added to greenhouses. The CO2 effect is even more pronounced when plants are under stress, such as in low water conditions
    6. Al Gore and his propaganda movie shows a relationship between world temperatures and CO2. Gore's assertion that CO2 increases temperatures is backwards. Ice core samples show that first temperatures rise, followed 800 years later by a rise in CO2. This relationship is easily explained by the fact that cool water can dissolve more CO2 than warm water. the proper sequence: The sun increases solar (sunspot) activity, the oceans warm and release CO2. When sun activity declines, the oceans cool and CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere.
    7. If you look at the real science, and you look at the dramatic rise in world population (from 1 billion to 6.5 billion) over the last century, one can make a very logical argument that the US should be building many more clean coal fired electric plants that only emit CO2 and water vapor. This would emit more CO2 into the CO2 starved biosphere, Crops would grow better, and the US with its abundant coal reserves could become energy independent.

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