Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 21st 2010

A Miss World wants us all to go vegan, a city in the north of England may be hugely improved by global warming and the Met Office explains how it ensures the world is always warmer. But first, a correction from last week, when I suggested the Doomsday Clock had moved forward. it didn’t, it went backward. But I’m still right twice daily.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Font-tastic! Not only did Al Gore’s latest book bring us photo-shopped doom on the cover, it also needed a whole new font. Apparently the global warming prophet was unconvinced that his ecoangelical message could be conveyed properly if a number 1 looked like a capital I, so Al had a new font designed. When Al Gore and George Soros are in a room together, can that be good news for anyone? Al gets all conspiracy wee-wee’d up and wants, nay, demands to know who is behind the Murkowski amendment. He cites evidence that the folks are ‘deniers’ and pushes readers to sign his Repower America petition. Tell you what, Al, how about you explain to the world where you found $300 million for the Repower America effort before you go pointing fingers? Al Gore has taken a page from President Obama and has purchased a large bus so that he can throw inconvenient people under it. The first to disappear under the Gaia-wagon wheels is Pat Robertson, presumably for his dopey declaration about Haiti’s deal with the devil. Al Gore dialed down the rhetoric, ahem, ‘mispoke’ about the great ice-free Arctic and corrected himself. It’s not a new story, but somehow I missed it before and just cannot let a Gore facepalm moment go to waste. Poor Al, he’s dropped 4 places on the influential liberals list. Not to worry, by this time next year, there might not be anyone on the list. Heh. Apple, the smuggest tech company on the planet, may not be as green as you think.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Some enterprising fellow has read all of the Climategate emails so you don’t have to. Simon spent $15 and found that what makes the headlines from a study is not exactly the same thing that the study actually finds, inconveniently. The IPCC has admitted that it’s headline making prediction about melting Himalayan glaciers was bunk. You won’t be surprised to know that the terrorist-loving WWF had a hand in this sordid tale. When world leaders met in Copenhagen last month, we were told endless times that it was the last chance for the planet, that certain doom would befall the world if nothing was done. Well, nothing was done, but the UN believes that the issue is so urgent that it’s dropping the deadline for countries to sign up. Wait, what?

Yvo de Boer, UN climate change chief, today changed the original date set at last month’s fractious Copenhagen climate summit, saying that it was now a “soft” deadline, which countries could sign up to when they chose. “I do not expect everyone to meet the deadline. Countries are not being asked if they want to adhere… but to indicate if they want to be associated [with the Copenhagen accord].

Another green activist is in jail this week. He’s driving a bus around the world because apparently you can save the planet that way and was arrested because he had no idea that his satellite phone was illegal. Add that to the list of many things that Andy Pag doesn’t know. Richard North has his sights set on a certain railway engineer and leader of the UN IPCC. I recommend you read the work North is doing to expose Pachauri’s conflicts of interest, it’s astounding, and if you have time, this week’s must read FLOTUS, the Klingon warrior bride of POTUS, pulled a fast one with some veggies for a TV show.

from Star Trek 6 ‘the undiscovered cucumber’

A Miss World contestant wants us all to go vegan. A spokeshead for her TV show said: “”The station promotes a vegan diet as the fastest way to cool the planet, slow down global warming and influence climate change.” It’s a magical trifecta! The miss world contestant is the daughter of Chris DeBurgh, the uni-brow singer of Lady in Red, a song I’d happily play in endless loops to Guantanemo inmates.Read the rest over at The Daily bayonet!

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