Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 1st 2009

By The Daily Bayonet
May Day, when Englishmen dance around the maypole and young men’s thoughts turn to the darling buds. Or something. It’s also the international commie day of showing off your missiles, and organized labor’s day off. In 2009, May day also welcomes this weeks skeptics delight, the weekly round-up. Discover who is the Dian Fossey of hippies and how Barry White might have saved Ursus maritimus. Really, sort of.
Enjoy, I know I did.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

In case you lived under a rock since the last round-up, Al Gore testified to congress about his new religion and how spending billions of dollars will make him even richer save the planet. Or something.Al’s version of the day can be found at his own blog, but there are many other accounts of the day, so let’s take a boo at some, since this is Part One and is all about the Goreacle. If you are a masochistic insomniac, feel free to watch Al’s entire testimony on video at Gore Lied.Here is a moment when Rep. Scalise held Gore’s feet to the fire, which probably took Al by surprise after his buddies tried to silence the opposition. Pay attention to Al’s facial expressions as he tries to spin Scalise as a denier:


If you watched the clip, here is more background on the Enron relationship, which gives an insight into just how morally bankrupt Gore might be. Why did he obfuscate a clear relationship he has with Goldman Sachs?

Did Al lie about giving away all his book and movie profits to climate organizations, or does he think his own pocket is a non-profit?

Mad al
Al discovers that not everyone is drinking the kool aid

Rep. Marsha Blackburn also tried to nail the Goreacle, and scored a hit:


Some awkward fallout for Al from Rep. Blackburn’s pointed question.

Away from Washington, Al’s volunteers seem to be shrinking, or shirking.What is about people beaten by George W. Bush and global warming, is it a comfort blanky for losers?Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

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