Green Hysteria, From Polar Bears To Puppies

The evolution of environmental hysteria has progressed another shameful step. The fear-mongers haven’t won enough converts to their cause with myths about dying polar bears, which we cover in our documentary Not Evil Just Wrong, so now they are drowning a puppy in a nationally televised bedtime story in the United Kingdom. The British government is spending the equivalent of nearly $9.6 million to run advertisements produced as part of the “Act On CO2” program. The story in the ad features an ominous carbon monster spewing black soot from the sky, a restaurant named “The World’s End,” a weeping bunny and an animated puppy that disappears underwater before a girl’s eyes. “There was once a land where the weather was very, very strange,” a father says as he reads the story to his daughter. “There were awful heat waves in some parts, and in other parts terrible storms and floods. Scientists said it was being caused by too much CO2, which went up into the sky when the grown-ups used energy.”

Not even Nature magazine is willing to defend such ridiculous scare tactics. It dubbed the story the “Worst. Climate. Campaign. Ever.” Matthew Sinclair of the Taxpayers’ Alliance decried the ad campaign. “This is a disgusting attempt to use taxpayers’ money to scare their own children, particularly when money is so tight following the recession,” he told The Register. “… The government should not be using taxpayers’ money to produce this kind of shock advertising, which would probably not even be allowed on TV if it was produced by an independent campaign.” The good news is that the more outrageous the scare tactics of environmentalists get, the more likely people are to realize that the theory of manmade global warming destroying the planet is a sham based on flawed science.


5 thoughts on “Green Hysteria, From Polar Bears To Puppies”

  1. Luckily the British Labour government's days are numbered, and possibly the Labour party's too. It will be interesting to see whether the next government bothers to go on with this charade.

  2. Thank godness at least one Government is taking global warming seriously. Labour or Conservative, sooner or later the results of climate change will have to be faced and sites like this will fall under the category of 'they thought the world was flat'. You're an embarrassment to a society with free access to good education.

  3. This government of spin, lies and obfuscation has plumbed new depths with this crock.
    Maybe if another political party used children, nu-lab would cry "child exploitation!"

    Reason has been trampled into the dust, the panic of the impending Copenhagen shennanigans grows ever closer and agreement seems to be somewhat distant.

    Why? Because the so called 'science' of AGW is deeply flawed, outright lies are now being peddled and the desperation is evident, ergo this government blatant propaganda film.

    The northern hemisphere is cooling and has been doing so since 1998, the Arctic sea ice is recovering and the Antarctic is growing and has been for many years. Why doesn't the BBC report these facts? – Because they have to tow the current line,ie, man is bad, children know best (because they've been brainwashed) and only politicians know what is good for us -(you must be joking!).
    Likewise those government lackies- The Met office, whose computer models mirror the government line (because of funding, from where? – yes the government!)- their computer models are wrong, incorrectly programmed simplistic algorithmic analyses.
    Scientists just do not know enough to model climate dynamics and weather fluctuations (especially in the coming decades) – the planet should be warming (accordingly) but it plainly isn't.
    Somethings afoot, is it political b******t?? Because it isn't science.
    Yeah! I can smell it! Same pong as Nu-lab.
    Let them be damned. Do not damn CO2, a life giving gas, without which we would not exist.

  4. Sick advert. FFS! Stop it! Stop it NOW! Bloody nanny state. Bloody AGW rubbish.

    Love this bit from the press, the advert is "response to government research showing that more than half the population think that climate change will have no effect on them."

    So, that's the MAJORITY? So, in a democracy the MAJORITY view is the one we use? Therefore, the advert should be to convince the MINORITY of the MAJORITY's viewpint

    The quicker we get rid of the Orwellian "Central Office of Information" and its HALF-A-BILLION POUNDS A YEAR SPENDING (yes, £540m) the better. Buy some bloody kidney machines and doctors.


    In the strongest possible terms I wish to complain about the ASA allowing an advertising campaign by the UK government about the dangers of carbon dioxide to our lives and our future.

    My complaint rests on the absolute and irrefutable scientific proof that no such danger exists, never did, never can.

    Carbon dioxide has no adverse effect upon either global temperatures or the climate, despite the false belief so created by an intergovernmental panel of unelected bureaucrats at the UN.

    For a full background to my conviction as well as undisputed scientific proof and observational data from the real world rather than hypothesised scenarios based on incomplete and inaccurate computer models coupled with circumstantial events paraded as evidence of the computer's predicted scenarios, please read all at

    I trust that your Agency will treat my complaint with the due diligence it deserves, as the issue of trying to scare our children over the mere fact that being alive and enjoying it creates "dangerous and harmful emissions of carbon dioxide" is so beyond the pale as to beggar belief.

    Nazi Germany would have been proud of this kind of propaganda and the Nazi Jugend comes to mind when this type of governmental mind control appears on the TV screens at the time when children are known to be watching.


    In utter disgust,

    Hans Schreuder
    Dutchman (retired and old enough to know about the Nazis)

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