Nature Rules the Climate, Not Human Activities

By Bob Ellis, Dakota Voice

Have you ever noticed that Disciples of Global Warming are so desperate to believe their religion that they will still cling to Al Gore’s mantra of man-made disaster even while staring evidence to the contrary in the face? The Founder, the Heritage Foundation blog, points to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article where two researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Kyle L. Swanson and Anastasios Tsonis, have found

natural forces in the Earth’s climate have conspired to end a recent period of global warming, and they predict that temperatures will change little or drop over the next decade or more.

Wow! Amazing! How fantastic that God might have actually been smart enough to build planet earth so that it can cleanse, regulate and maintain an environment suitable for all that wonderful life He put here–including humans. But wait; don’t assume these guys have put up the jug of Kool-aid yet. Even though they’ve found that natural factors are keeping the planet cool…

Swanson and Tsonis believe that burning fossil fuels will lead to higher global temperatures over the century.

Yes, by golly, somehow mankind is still going to wreck this fragile planet with his evil SUVs and capitalism. The natural factors responsible for cooling now couldn’t possibly stop future global warming. That just wouldn’t fit the fantasy! They even acknowledge what many other scientists have found: that temperature change is cyclic (scientists have found warming and cooling cycles going back thousands of years–long before SUVs and coal power plants).

Tsonis and Swanson used mathematical analysis to look at the role of the Earth’s natural climate cycles and the long-term weather patterns that drive them. The Earth’s global mean temperature swings up and down over time. It fell before World War I, increased during the 1920s and 1930s, fell again during the 1940s until about 1976. Then, global temperatures rose from 1976 to 2001. But the trend in mean temperatures since 2001 has been flat, said Tsonis, and is beginning to fall. Tsonis and Swanson found that the Earth is in the beginning of a long-term climate cycle where temperatures will level off or drop over the next few decades.

But alas, anthropogenic global warming is still going to win in the end, they say. Why? Because it is important to maintain the facade of their weak theory. It would be very hard to convince people to give up their freedom, their affluence, their comforts merely to satisfy some pointy-headed moron’s love for Marxism. But a man-made disaster caused by all that evil freedom, affluence and comfort…well, we’ll just have to give all that up to save the planet! Just a few short years ago, the Apostles of the Religion of Global Warming thought they had this thing locked up. Then, people started to take a closer look at how thin the “science” really was. People started to notice all the evidence contrary to the assertion of a man-made event. Now their followers are falling like flies, with global warming coming in dead-last in a 20-item list of people’s concerns. With climate data going back thousands of years showing cyclic temperature changes, with records showing the Vikings once growing vineyards in Greenland that is now covered in ice, with unreliable temperature data, with natural sources of greenhouse gasses, with global warming happening on other planets such as Mars and Jupiter, with solar activity at record levels, and with a total lack of consensus demonstrated by tens of thousands of scientists who just aren’t buying it…one might be tempted to ask: how can people be this stupid? Well, there certainly are some people who are that willfully dull (I talk to them on a regular basis here at Dakota Voice), and they are aided by their ideological loathing for capitalism and the success of Western civilization. But there are those who know better, who know it is a load of fertilizer. They are the ones pushing this nutty idea on society, and their motivation is the same one that merely blinds some of the sheeple who simply go along: an agenda to advance socialism. Frankly, I’m not willing to sell out my freedom and comfortable way of life for socialism under any circumstances. And I darn sure am not willing to do it for such a transparently inane idea that doesn’t even pass the smell-test of credibility. Are you?

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