Newsweek, Murdoch, and the Politics of Wordplay

By Thomas Richard In the current issue of Newsweek dated Sept. 28, 2009, it kicks off it’s greenest companies in America—in an apparent attempt to apply green guilt to those who don’t make the top 100—with a quote by Rupert Murdoch.

I have to admit that until recently I was somewhat wary of the warming debate. But I believe it is now our responsibility to take the lead on this issue.

I was curious about the quote, and did a little Googling. Turns out the quote is anything but recent. It is from 3 years ago, November 2006 to be precise. And in typical Newsweek fashion, they left out the quote date, circumstances, and the rest of what he had to say on the subject:

How much of it is warming due to human error is open to debate.

For regular readers of Newsweek (we know you are out there!), this is part and parcel in its attempts to misdirect the public. Many fence-sitters and AGW believers in 2006 are now skeptics. Is Murdoch a believer, lukewarmer, or skeptic? I don’t know. And apparently Newsweek doesn’t either. One thing is telling: Murdoch’s News Corp. came in at 270 out of 500 companies ranked.Source

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