The Global Warming Bulldozer

By Alan Caruba

To those who think that the revelations about the massive international fraud called “global warming”, now called “climate change”, will deter the efforts of those who have devoted years and millions to convince the public that drastic measures must be taken to “save the Earth”, let me put you straight on that topic.

A vast Green bulldozer of propaganda will be let loose upon everyone watching television, reading newspapers and magazines, or visiting websites in order to smear those standing up against this juggernaut of foundations, environmental organizations, government agencies, and the central organizer of the fraud, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

A legion of “science” and other reporters will do everything in their power to “explain” the many emails between the perpetrators of the “global warming” fraud and to repeat the lies that underwrite the passage of laws such as “cap-and-trade” and the Obamacare legislation, both of which are a dagger aimed at the heart of the American economy.

The good news is that it will not work.

The day before Thanksgiving, the Global Warming Campaign Director for Greenpeace USA, Damon Moglen, issued a statement:

“In a statement today, the Obama administration announced that the President will attend the international climate talks in Copenhagen on December 9th…more than a week before international leaders will arrive to show their commitment to shaping an ambitious and comprehensive climate deal,” said Moglen.

“The administration’s announcement proposed the same inadequate emissions targets that were included in the House-passed climate legislation. By taking his cues from a Congress heavily influenced by the fossil fuel industry, Obama continues to shirk domestic and international leadership on climate policy.”

Lies! The Greenpeace “attack” on President Obama is a subterfuge to distract everyone from the FACT that so-called greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide, have nothing to do with the equally bogus “global warming.” More to the point, the Earth has been cooling for the past decade!

“Science calls for the United States and the developed world to cut pollution by at least 26 to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95 percent by 2050,” said Moglen.

Carbon dioxide is not “pollution.” It is the one gas vital to the growth of every kind of vegetation on Earth. It is to plants and trees what oxygen is to human beings and other creatures.

The “science”, however, has been revealed to have been deliberately rigged by a cabal of previously “respected scientists” who fed their false data to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change over the years to support the hoax. That, in turn, was used to justify the UN Kyoto Protocols and the treaty being put forth at the upcoming climate conference, beginning December 7 in Copenhagen.

Greenpeace is just one of many Green organizations that have devoted themselves to the hoax. On November 23, Keya Chatterjee, Acting Director of the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Program, released a statement commending President Obama for supporting “an emissions reduction target” in Copenhagen, adding that there was a need to provide financial support for “poor and vulnerable countries that are suffering the impacts of climate change and those that aspire to contribute more to the clean energy economy.”

At the heart of the global warming hoax has always been the intention to force a reduction in the use of coal, natural gas and oil by industrialized nations and to secure the transfer of funds to underdeveloped nations that were exempted from the original Kyoto Protocols. Also exempt, China and India!

One must wonder what the World Wildlife Fund has to do with climate science. However, the same day, the WWF released another statement predicting that “sea level rise could dramatically increase risks to buildings, transportation, infrastructure and other assets exposed to severe storm surges in the coastal areas of the U.S. A WWF “study” had been underwritten by Allianz SE, an insurance company. But the seas are not rising beyond an inch or so every century.

“With each new study, the alarm bells become deafeningly clear that climate change will have devastating consequences for our economy and way of life,” said David Reed, Senior Vice President of Policy at the WWF.

These “studies” and the rigged climate data of the IPCC have nothing to do with science, nor will they cease any time soon.

Indeed, as the world draws nearer to the Copenhagen climate conference, they will increase in intensity because this is possibly the last change the Green juggernaut has to strip America and other nations of access to and the use of the energy sources they need to continue providing a modern and improved standard of life to the people the world.

The global warming fraud is an attack on humanity.

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