Website Redesign

By Justin Credible, ILCD Editor

This site has received over 40,000 unique visitors and half a million page hits…in just a few months. We would like to thank all our readers and supporters for spreading the word, all the scientists and editors submitting stories, and all the websites listed on our links page for top-notch content.

In celebration, I’ve redesigned the look and feel of the site. As well, I’ll be launching new features over time, including a new section just for YOU, the readers, to express your opinions. I know there is a lot of frustration out there relating to this giant scam known as man-made climate change, and a lot of you need to vent. Especially after the disaster in Congress a couple weeks ago. I want your voice to be heard.

We’ll be calling the new section “You ♥ CO2” and will be publishing your own articles and stories as we receive them. (May be edited for clarity, space, and spelling. Must be relevant to the direction and views of this site. Greenwashed treehuggers look elsewhere, you’ve already got enough sites to push your ideology on people)

In the meantime, you may email your submissions to info[at]
(Replace “[at]” with “@”)

Hope you enjoy the new site. You can now become a follower of us by clicking HERE. You can also become a fan of Carbon Dioxide on Facebook by clicking HERE. Please leave your comments below!

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