The Copenhagen Round-Up

You knew this had to happen, Copenhagen is more in need of Round-Up than my weed-infested driveway. There was an earlier mini-round-up, it’s over here if you missed it. Denmark, home of the Vikings, was an inspired venue choice for a gathering of activists and politicians that fully intend to rape and pillage the global economy, but Big Green has seen much of the world expectedly Thumbelina it’s nose at the agenda, post Climategate. Read on and find out what’s what in the land of Hans Christian Andersen…

Scaremongers in Scandinavia

Tears for Fears: Bill McKibben cast aside any pretence at manhood and bawled his eyes out in a churchenhagen for Hopenchagen in Copenhagen :

As I watched them go by, all I could think of was the people I’ve met in the last couple of years traveling the world: the people living in the valleys where those glaciers are disappearing, and the people downstream who have no backup plan for where their water is going to come from. The people who live on the islands surrounded by that coral, who depend on the reefs for the fish they eat, and to protect their homes from the waves. And the people, on every corner of the world, dealing with drought and flood, already unable to earn their daily bread in the places where their ancestors farmed for generations.

You really have to read it all to get the full emo-meltdown, then jump to the comments where he gets no sympathy:

g3cko Says: I cried the other day,too, but it was because I sat on my testicles. Suggest you go find some, mister tears mcteary, and start acting like a man. Men and women solve problems- there’s no place at the table for whiners. December 15th, 2009 at 12:00 pm

I admit it, I LOL’d. As the world’s weather hysterics gather in the gloom of a Nordic December, we are warned that there are only ten years left to fix the broken planet. Which is actually good news, because we only had 10 years left 20 years ago. COP15 might be a huge undertaking, but for one alarmist, it’s a huge ploy because it won’t do enough. A boy man named Sue Hillary warns that the oceans are acidifying. Fish cheer the news, inconveniently. The Alarmist that came in from the cold.

not the COP15 hottienot the COP15 hottie

The developing world wants reparations, but that’s a beg too far for even the Obamanistration. Oh noes, the UK’s Met Office is scolded for political lobbying. Translation, don’t get caught – we’ve got enough trouble right now. Uh Oh, only ten years left, but we might have to wait another six until:

a) they’ve explained away Climategate b) people forget about Climategate c) Michael Mann and CRU find the original data they deleted under an old filing cabinet, right next to that Twinkie that Briffa dropped at the Christmas Party in 1993 d) global spinning is the new warming

The Grand-daddy of global warming, the Master of Disaster, the Profiting Prophet, Missssster Al Gore landed in Copenhagen. Swooning may have ensued. Climate scientists have learned after the Climategate fallout to listen and give full, transparent answers to even inconvenient questions. Or, they could just call security: ..

Discussions in Denmark

Bipolar Canada was punk’d. A mayor that presides over a crime-riddled cess-hole burned his tax-payer’s money to fly to Hopenchangen and act as the UN’s useful idiot and Quebec’s Premier jumped in to trash his own oppressor country either. Not a pretty sight. Some say an agreement is possible. Wait, it’s all off! No, wait, it’s back on again. Talk is cheap, unless you’re a planet in peril, then it’s downright expensive. Something called ‘climate change victims’ has emerged at Copenhagen, and they want your money. Tuvulu is an island of 10 sq. miles with 12,000 people. I’m sure Tuvulu is very nice, but does anyone really care if it disappears under rising whale habitat? It’d be cheaper to give each Tuvuluan a million bucks to say toodle-oo to Tuvulu when the water’s lapping at the front door, no? Too-ry-eh it would. Sharpen up your hunter-gatherer skills, we’ve got to cut CO2 output 50% by2050. You know they just made that up to get the 50-50 alliteration, right?

grocery shopping, circa 2055grocery shopping, circa 2055

Developing nations turn on each other. And not in the good way. Saved by indecision? We can only Hopenchangen. China and the USA are bashing heads, which is good news for skeptics that prefer for the talks to go nowhere fast**. Deja vu, anyone? What could be the worst thing to happen if the warmists get their way? It’s not like there are dishonest people out there waiting to take advantage of their naivety, right? Oh, wait… nevermind.

Viking Volkstheater

Nothing demonstrates the Green’s love of planet and the environment like trashing shops, beating cops and firing off fireworks. Excitable yoots, I guess. Klockarman has movies. You know how the Danes could stop global warming? Shut a door or two, that’s how. Skeptics in Scandi-land? Say it ain’t so. Who exactly is it that supports the Green movement, other than dirty hippies?: .. Only 12 years too late, a UK Labour Minister decides it’s time to get their act together. Heh. Fox News samples the fringe street life that blooms around the COP15 event. I think hippies are involved, you have been warned. 30,000 NGO representatives showed up in Copenhagen to get a slice of Hopenchangen. But they’re not getting in:

NGOs must apply months in advance, and typically only make travel plans to attend after receiving complete credentials from the United Nations,” said Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, an accredited COP-15 NGO organization that is as of now banned from the conference. “To give credentials to 45,000 people while choosing a building that holds 15,000 people is insane, though the United Nations, to be fair, has never been known for competence.”

The Gore Effect strikes back.

Hopenchangen Hottie

Since Denmark is hosting COP15, it only seems fair to choose a person with deep roots in the country. And by deep roots I mean that she starred in a movie 10 years ago with an American who has a Danish father. Deep is relative, you see. Whatever, the clue was in the nowhere fast link above, so welcome Diane Lane to the Round-Up.


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Climategate Round-Up #8

Alarmists act like rodents, Tony Blair says that science don’t matter and the Daily Mail won’t stop asking awkward questions. Life is good for skeptics and awful for weather hysterics, and there’s a hottie. Do Monday’s get any better than this?

The Leak/Hack

Deny, deny, deny. How damaging was the leak? Very, very damaging. And not just for the motley CRU:

ClimateGate doesn’t just bring down the scientists who wrote the emails, it brings down all the institutions and organizations that were supposed to have exacting standards and ought to have exposed the crimes years ago. The men whose work was so bogus, were lauded by the IPCC, published in Nature and Science, and defended by the National Academy of Science. This evidence of collusion, falsification, hiding data, and consistent deceit blows away the infrastructures of the practice of science. It doesn’t hurt the scientific method, but it destroys the premise that the IPCC expert review means anything, that peer review is capable of even picking up outright fraud, and that the National Academy of Science is functional.

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

One atmospheric scientist suggests that the motley CRU “substituted the search for truth with an attempt at proving one point of view“. The UK Met Office doubles down on stupid, but wait, what’s that… coercion? Facts, damned inconvenient when you’re trying to hobble the world’s economic engine. Steve McIntyre, statistician and kryptonite to corrupt scientists everywhere, eviscerates the IPCC ‘trick’. I believe those are Michael Mann’s credibility entrails on the floor. It has much to do with this image, read it all:

end of the green line?end of the green line?

The climategate leak/hack broke the dam, and now there is more evidence of data being maniupulated coming from around the world. The 60 second video that destroys the hockey-stick myth once and for all: .. UPDATE: CRU has removed data from it’s website. What PR advice are these folks getting? They have even less clue about how to manage the fallout from their misbehavior than they do about the scientific method.

Climategate in the Media

CNN hosted a debate between John Christy and Gavin Schmidt wherein Schmidt plays the victim and spins the email content wildly: .. Canada’s Globe and Mail notices Climategate, sort of. Reluctant acknowledgement of the scandal, complete with extra-spin cycle from Australia’s National Times:

…accusations of fraud will persist because the so-called ”debate” on climate change has veered into the realms of fantasy. The fog on the public relations battlefield has obscured the real question: how to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a fast but sensible way.

The UK’s Daily Mail does a special investigation into Climategate and gets to be the must-read link of the Round-Up:

However, Warmergate strikes at something more fundamental – the science that justifies the basic assumption that the present warming really is unprecedented, at least in the past few thousand years. Take the now-notorious email that the CRU’s currently suspended director, Dr Phil Jones, sent to his IPCC colleagues on November 16, 1999, when he wrote he had ‘just completed Mike’s Nature trick’ and had so managed to ‘hide the decline’. The CRU’s supporters have protested bitterly about the attention paid to this message. In the course of an extraordinary BBC interview in which he called an American critic an ‘****hole’ live on air, Jones’s colleague Professor Andrew Watson insisted that the fuss was completely unjustified, because all Jones had been talking about was ‘tweaking a diagram’. Davies told me that the email had been ‘taken out of context’ adding: ‘One definition of the word “trick” is “the best way of doing something”. What Phil did was standard practice and the facts are out there in the peer-reviewed literature.’ However, the full context of that ‘trick’ email, as shown by a new and until now unreported analysis by the Canadian climate statistician Steve McIntyre, is extremely troubling.

The Economist, once a respected paper, beclowned itself over Climategate and is taken to the woodshed for it. Seth Borenstein of The Associated Press is far too close to those he was supposed to report on, and is exposed in great detail as a shill for the warmers. Another in-the-tank ‘journalist’ Andy Revkin of the NYT repairs his reputation with the warmistas. Awkward. Climategate questions in the UK Houses of Parliament. So much for the ‘nothing to see here, move on now’ spin. A hard editorial from the Washington Times, the tip of the Climategate iceberg. Got questions about Climategate in Copenhagen? Better bring a flak jacket.

Hexploding Hippie Heads

Absent any real defense for the dishonesty and lies revealed in the Climategate emails, most hippies try to draw attention to the ‘illegal hack’ that blew the lid off their cozy hoax. But, as Horner suggests, it’s the substance, stupid. You know the difference between an alarmist and a hamster? There isn’t one. armor pantsed Head of the UN IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri has his head buried in the sand with his fingers in his ears and denies that the CRU emails and code represent a problem with climate science. A memo to members of the global warming cult. Heh. Pielke Jr. rogers the HuffPo for telling porkies. Another IPCC scientist defects from the hysteric crowd and calls the behavior ‘fraud‘. Ouch. Tony Blair, not content with having wrecked a perfectly good country, wants to see action at Hopenchangen “even if the science is not correct”. Which says it all, really.

Climategate Hottie

Sticking with the hack movie linkery, 1995’s The Net told a tale of online chicanery. It also featured Sandra Bullock, which was nice. Welcome then, Mrs. Jesse James to the Round-Up:


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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 10th, 2009

Has the Universe forsaken Al Gore? Why did the Nepalese cabinet climb the mountain and what’s the Sun been up to these days? For Climategate news look here and here, and don’t miss your chance to vote in the Most Alarmist Alarmism by an Alarmist Awards.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is a man of many talents, and now we can add poet to the list. It’s not as bad as Vogon poetry, but it’s close. Unfortunately, getting facts straight is a talent that still eludes the global warming propheteer. Earlier in the week, before he jetted off to Hopenchangen in Copenhagen, Al canceled the event at which wealthy lemmings would pay $1200 for a book and a handshake. The Danes aren’t happy about it, and you don’t want the Danes mad at you, unless you like being pillaged. The Universe has turned its back on the Goreacle, but did it moon him or was that Uranus? You might remember that Saint Al of Gore was awarded an Oscar for his fictional documentary featuring stunning CGI. Well, some folks want their golden boy back. a gore story How has Al reacted to Climategate, the single biggest threat to his goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-billionaire? Badly, actually. He went on in later interviews to deny the deniers, which is just strange when you think about it. Unfortunatelty, Al got his facts wrong in that interview too. And he was nearly President… makes you wonder, no? Big Al won the real thing, but Canada’s poor widdle David Suzuki has to make do with an ‘alternative’ Nobel Prize. You know that just burns his hippies butt. Between bad sign reading and canceling lucrative events, Al had time to blog and congratulate the Air Force on a large solar project. Hopefully it won’t have the same bad economics as the Nellis AFB project:

President Obama traveled to Nellis AFB to celebrate their use of solar power. Now for the inconvenient truth; the 72,000 solar panels cost $100 million and saves the Air Force $1.2 million annually. So it’ll pay for itself in about 83 years. What a shame the useful life of a solar panel is only 20 years.

Is it possible that Al Gore can bend time? Or can he just not use a calendar? Proving that he is unable to jump on any passing bandwagon, Al jumped on the Palin-bashing wagon and called Sarah Palin a global warming denier. She responded, of course:

Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it.

Ouch, that’s a 2-minute penalty for high-sticking-it-to-the-man for the hockey mom.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

We were warned this week (and in 2006, 2007, twice) that we only have 10 years to save the world. Well, throw those optimistic timelines out the window, an Aussie scientist says we only have 5 years left. Tom’s had enough. The eco-terrorist group Greenpeace invaded the Canadian Houses of Parliament with another vacuous protest. It’s time to give the dopes serious jail time in a cell next to Big Jacques, and let him show them how warming works. An alarmist in the UK’s Independent (of thought, methinks) indulges in some wish-fulfilment fantasy. You know what makes as much sense as holding a cabinet meeting underwater? Holding one on Everest, that’s what. As nations continue to up the ante in stupid stunts to get attention, can it be long before the first cabinet meeting in a volcano? Now that’d be a political move we could all support.

where's a Eiger Sanction when you need one?where’s an Eiger Sanction when you need one?

The Greens hate brown people. The mask slipped in Copenhagen this week, and the despicable OPT is overt about it. The Obama White House hates the environment, pictured at the link. Alarmist geezers say that geysers are doomed by global warming. You know what comes next, add it to the list. The EPA turned its back on science in favor of politics and declared CO2 a hazardous substance. Trees, plants hardest hit. epa gag Don Surber lists 15 reasons why people fell for the global warming hoax. Cut it out and ask your local dirty hippie which one applies to them, for fun results. An excerpt:

1. The pseudo-intellectuals fell for it because none of them ever cracked a science book.
2. The policy wonks fell for it because it gave the government more control.
3. The bleeding hearts fell for it because they always want to save the Earth.
4. The communists fell for it because it portrayed capitalists as destroying the Earth to make money.
5. The capitalists fell for it because they saw a new way to make money.
6. The Hollywood crowd fell for it because it made their pampered lives seem to have a meaning and purpose.

Of course, pretty soon it will be hard to find anyone that will admit to believing in global warming.Read the rest over at The Daily Bayonet!

Climategate Round-Up #7

Here’s a quickie round-up from the climategate world. No hottie today, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s round-up for the fleshy goodness.

The Leak/Hack

The odds are shortening that the ‘hack’ was in fact more of a ‘leak’. Toldya. If it’s true that some ’scientists’ received death threats over their involvement in Climategate, that’s appalling and I hope they catch a jail the jerks that would utter threats. But, exactly how many threats were issued? pssst

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

Two investigations have been ;aunched as a result of the climategate leaks, one by the University of East Anglia into the behavior of Phil Jones and his motley CRU, and one by Penn State into Michael ‘Stick’ Mann’s involvement. But are the investigations impartial? It’s time to start the science over, and this time without dishonest manipulation. Canada’s ‘climate change ambassador’ suggest that the world should debate the solution to global warming rather than the science. Nevermind that the solutions are expensive and unnecessary if the science is meaningless. He’s just protecting his job, right? Fun (h/t Theo): .. The UK’s Met Office has found an excellent method for dealing with climategate – ignore it and keep on peddling the numbers as if nothing could be wrong with them. Climategate never happened, see? One scientist is certain that climategate is just the tip of the iceberg (heh) and that there are more revelations to come. The science is shaky, so Obama had the EPA label CO2 a danger to Americans. Which is like finding that seawater is lethal to dolphins, pure nonsense.

Climategate in the Media

The Washington Times notes media complicity in NOT covering climategate. CNN, while not perfect, is making up for the two weeks they took to get on the story: .. The American Physical Society is coming under pressure (again) to rescind its support for the global warming hoax in the wake of climategate. Andrew Bolt tried to elevate one of the motley CRU for his principles, only to find that the scientist in question didn’t need no stinkin’ principles.

Hippie Heads Hexploding

Dr. Tim Ball has a look at the Climategate Goon Squad. A lefty hates that Climategate won’t go away and blames ‘the right’ for pushing it. Heh, you’re welcome, hippies. UN IPCC Chief Pachauri takes on… err, UN IPCC Chief Pachauri. This is just too good, meet the neo-deniers. Thanks for reading.Source

Climategate Round-Up #6

A lot of stuff was written about climategate over the last few days, here is a selection of some of the more interesting or salacious stuff. Of note is that this morning, CNN reported extensively on climategate, even sending John Roberts to the UK to report from the University of East Anglia campus. Tonight (Monday 7th) Campbell Brown’s show is on the topic “Global Warming: Truth or Trick.” For alarmists, the dam has burst on their hoax. On the opening day of the climate-a-palooza in Copenhagen, CNN has dedicated coverage to climategate, and that is just one more inconvenient truth. UPDATE: CNN video: ..

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

Prof. Jones, the deleter in chief of the CRU, is helping police with their enquiries. But it’s not what you think, yet. Follow the money, the research money, to see how filthy lucre results in dirty science. The reckless ideology that drove the climategate scientists to hide declines, manipulate data, bully colleagues and ignore FOIA demands may have far reaching consequences for science and the credibility of scientists in every field of academic endeavor. Which is why the guilty must be identified, isolated, investigated and, where appropriate, prosecuted. The motley CRU have people everywhere, as this discovery in California shows. As the University of East Anglia conducts an investigation into the CRU emails and the Met. Office prepares to revisit 160 years of data, the UK government tries to shut the investigations down because it will give ammunition to skeptics. So much for the scientific method then. Is an important email missing from the leak, or was the deletion of data not accidental? The CRU hack or leak might have been one successful attempt of many to uncover the scandalous behaviour of the global warming alarmists. The smoking code. Revenge of the climate modellers, part deux.

Climategate in the Media

The New York Times, stung by criticism over their tardy response to climategate, finally has something to say on the matter. The only honest man at the CBC, Rex Murphy, wades in on the scandal: .. Forbes asks why Obama’s administration won’t acknowledge climategate. Note to Forbes, see also, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, ACORN and crasher-gate. The Washington Post on the pseudo-science cesspool. Ouch. The Globe and Mail finally notices climategate, and focuses on the timing of the scandal. The BBC notices the CRU leak, and the fact that the CRU code is junk. Video at the link.

Exploding Hippie Heads

A selection of scary quotes, in handy video format. The believers are now deniers, as their neo-religion collapses, all they have left is dogma. Despite the hippies best efforts to pretend that their global warming hoax is not fatally wounded, climategate matters. Britain’s Prime Minister, a man desperate to pass global warming legislation to raise taxes that will bail him out from a decade of disastrous Labour government, calls skeptics ‘flat-earthers’. Will the curse of Jonah Brown strike now that he has defended climategate? Climategate gets more Dr. Strangelove by the day, now thee rumor is that the Russki’s hacked CRU. Climate scientists might be learned, but they don’t learn. The motley CRU were exposed as bunker-mentality bullies when it came to skeptical colleagues, behaviour for which they have been rightly vilified. But Michael Schlesinger still threatens a NYT journalist with ‘being cut-off’ from sources for his coverage of climategate:

Copenhagen prostitutes?
Climate prostitutes?
Shame on you for this gutter reportage. [Emphasis added.]
This is the second time this week I have written you thereon, the first about giving space in your blog to the Pielkes.
The vibe that I am getting from here, there and everywhere is that your reportage is very worrisome to most climate scientists.
Of course, your blog is your blog.
But, I sense that you are about to experience the ‘Big Cutoff’ from those of us who believe we can no longer trust you, me included.
Copenhagen prostitutes?
Unbelievable and unacceptable.
What are you doing and why?

The Telegraph’s religion correspondent, Will Heaven, still thinks the latest religion can survive climategate.

Climategate Hottie

The rumor is that Russians hacked the CRU, so let’s have a Russki hottie. That she was also a Bond girl is, of course, just icing on da cake, niet? (With apologies to Paua.) olgkur4 Thanks for reading.Source

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 3rd 2009

Where is Al Gore’s secret climategate-proof bunker? Has Heinz saved the planet? Does Hopenchangen have a chance of achieving anything? Dive and discover the answers to these questions, and more. Plus, of course a hottie. Because you’re worth it. For Climategate news see the special edition round-ups parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five. For an announcement about a forthcoming poll and your chance to participate, lookee here.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The Goreacle has been largely absent from the climategate fallout, largely because he’s been, well, hiding. Not only has his precious hockey stick been debunked, but now the whole mess of science behind Al’s personal enrichment save-the-planet hoax has been called into question. What else is the face of global warming going to do when the peasants get uppity? Al blogged from his secret bunker that he was super happy that his BFF Barack Obama would be joining him for Hopenchangen in Copenhagen next week. He also blogged that the time is up for short-term capitalism, but fortunately there is still enough time for you to pay Al $1200 for a book and a handshake, of course. That’s for the cause, not capitalism. God forbid that an ex-Vice-President of the United States of America be pro-capitalism or anything. al bear gore
In the absence of real news about the great propheteer, let’s giggle at some spoof news instead. Canada’s little alarmist totalitarian, David Suzuki, came out in the press to face the climategate fallout, using all the lefty talking points to pretend that the event that has blown their cozy little hoax into a billion pieces is no biggie, really. Then, Eco-Dave makes a mistake, quite a big one:

Sadly for the deniers and for all of us, the emails don’t show that global warming is a grand hoax or conspiracy. They do nothing to diminish the decades of overwhelming scientific evidence that the Earth is not only warming largely because of emissions from burning fossil fuels but that it’s worse than we thought. Recently, 26 scientists from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the U.S., and Australia released a report showing that the impacts of global warming are occurring faster and are more widespread than other reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had projected.

Unfortunately for David Suzuuki, one of the the lead authors of that report is none other than Michael Mann, one of climategate’s central figures, which sort of undermines its credibility. Oops.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The sea is an unpredictable mistress, in fact she’s a downright conundrum. How else to explain that global warming will cause the sea to rise 1 metre by 2100. No wait, that’s 2 metres, stupid. No wait, my bad, it’s 4½ feet. But the science is settled, see? However high the waters rise, they’ll be warmer, which is bad news for coral and fish ‘n’ stuff. Too bad, if they’d gotten on with it and evolved legs, we wouldn’t have to wreck the economy for an anemone.

anemone of my enemy is my friend?anemone of my enemy is my friend?

Prince Chuckles Mum, the Queen, decides that a life of privilege and undereducation is an excellent platform from which to warn the great unwashed about global warming. Isn’t there an island with natives that want to meet her or something? Moonbats were sighted over Toronto. Nothing unusual about that, except that this was Moonbat Prime. If you’re interested in what he had to say, it’s here in all its Canada-bashing glory. An eco-terrorist is brought to justice. In China. That made my day, honestly.Read the rest over at The Daily Bayonet!

Climategate Round-Up #5

Welcome to the 5th round-up of all things climategate. Global warming alarmists will deny that this post can exist because there is no such thing as climategate, otherwise they’d have seen it on CNN. Anyone interested in what’s really news, grab a beverage and continue reading, those interested in Tiger Woods or DC party crashers should watch CNN or lobotomize themselves with a salmon, it’s your choice.

Climategate Data & Fallout

One of the things exposed in the leaked documents and emails: ‘smug groupthink‘. The IPCC is tarnished by association with climategate ’scientists’, and may be too politicized to survive. It doesn’t help when you have a runaway railway engineer at the head of the IPCC making scaremonger quotes like this:

“There are enough technologies in existence to allow for mitigation,” he said. “At some point we will have to cross over and start sucking some of those gases [CO2] out of the atmosphere.”

An Army of Davids carry the climategate torch whilst the majority of the MSM studiously ignore it and pretend that Tiger Woods is news. Kudos to Fox for giving the issue real attention. The BBC paid a private green firm to indoctrinate train its presenters and staff on how to toe the Big Green line. Maybe the recently suspended Phil Jones can help out? Australia’s opposition leader lost his job over his plan to support the Rudd government’s ETS policy. Then that policy was destroyed by a climategate emboldened opposition under a new, skeptical, leader. It’s still not news? Dr. Tim Ball, who must feel vindicated by the CRU scandal, names names of those that perverted science in the name of a global warming ideology. Phil Jones, the CRU Director, steps down. It’s temporary pending the investigation by the EAU, but it’s a clear sign that there is substance to climategate, something the warmists have denied to date. CRU Help Clippy(Image h/t Theo Spark) Lord Monckton wasted no time, he’s got a book out on climategate already. Link to the PDF here. The IPCC should erase any work that relies on Phil Jones and CRU data. Pretty much all of it, then. John Holdren will be investigated for his links to climategate. Obama warms up the underside of his bus… Malpractice is an ugly word, but that’s what global warming scientists and their cheering section in politics and the media have conspired to achieve. If there is one academic that has earned respect during the climategate affair, it’s Judith Curry, the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. See why she deserves respect here. A letter from her is here, and is equally fair. Perhaps this is the kind of person that can restore trust in science and the scientific process.

Climategate in the Media

Climategate makes the front page of the UK’s Daily Express:


Clive Crook in The Atlantic has second thoughts about just how serious the CRU scandal is:

The closed-mindedness of these supposed men of science, their willingness to go to any lengths to defend a preconceived message, is surprising even to me. The stink of intellectual corruption is overpowering. And, as Christopher Booker argues, this scandal is not at the margins of the politicised IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] process… It goes to the core of that process.

The global warming hoax/fraud/scam; it’s all unravelling now. Russia TV continues to scoop the major media networks, first they had Piers Corbyn now they have Peter Lilley decrying scientists who prefer to alter the facts than their theories: .. Margaret Wente thinks climategate is a PR disaster for global warmists. More importantly, it might have saved us from economic disaster that would surely follow any cap and trade treaties. Botch after botch after botch. The leaked HARRY_READ_ME.txt file blows the lid off any pretence the CRU ’scientists’ had to credible data. Will Heaven (yeah, him again) took a look at Delingpole’s traffic and blew a nut that maybe there are more skeptics than he thought:

I’m just an English graduate who recognises that the broad consensus among the world’s best climatologists is as follows: recent global warming is mostly caused by mankind’s emission of greenhouse gases. Delingpole, on the other hand, is slowly turning into a rather scary Dr Strangelove figure, whose bad science could help to usher the end of the world as we know it.

Heaven thinks that Delingpole is a pied-piper leading skeptics down a dangerous path that will lead to global warming destruction. What he fails to see is that the ‘broad consensus’ he so believes in is based on junk data. Repeat after me, Will: there is no such thing as global warming.

Hippie Heads Exploding

More details on the Penn State investigation into Michael ‘Stick’ Mann and his role in the CRU scandal. Perhaps the investigators might ask Mann why no-one told him what he was doing. Hollywood star Adam Baldwin (Jayne of Firefly) celebrates the CRU leak and skewers the Green Freak Hollyweird crowd. Climate alarmists, or weather hysterics, or dirty hippies – whatever your label du jour is – love to cite peer-review as the great defense of their science. Inconveniently, Mark Steyn skewers peer-review permanently. More peer review destruction here.

red alertred alert

Alarmists dismiss skeptics if they so much as accepted a free mug at a service station, claiming that it proved they were in the tank for Big Oil. Now that we know that climate scientists were on Big Green’s payroll, can we equally dismiss their work? It might be that the motley CRU were only the first domino to fall. New Zealand’s NIWA has some awkward questions to answer, now Albany and Queens Belfast are in the cross hairs too. A detailed look at how Queen’s Belfast have ducked and dodged to avoid providing requested data is here. In the light of the CRU leak, this is damning against academics involved in climate research. Some are still trying to spin the CRU scandal, claiming there is nothing to see. Oops, cometh the smackdown. More criticism of the now tainted peer-review process. The damage done to science by the motley CRU may be one of the lasting legacies of these over-zealous idealogues. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change thinks he and his corrupt organization can survive the CRU scandal. He’s wrong, and it won’t be long before the hammer falls on those at the forefront of the global warming hoax, because the world has seen what’s behind the curtain. Obama’s mouthpiece says the science is settled, still. Obama’s record shows that he’ll ignore the climategate issue until he can’t, then it’ll go under the bus to join Van Jones, Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers. Louis Gray gets super-excited because she found a small error from a skeptic. The skeptic admitted the error, corrected it and explained how it happened, unlike the CRU. The difference is lost on her, I suspect.

Climategate Hottie

Adam Baldwin, star of Firefly, walks the skeptic side of the street, which makes him a fine fella in our book. Also fine, his Firefly co-star, Summer Glau: summer7 Thanks for reading.Source

Climategate Round-Up #4

Welcome to the fourth thrilling instalment of the CRU hack/leak round-up. Since the scandal is now popularly known as climategate, I’ve adjusted the post title to reflect the will of the people. Because that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you’re new to climategate, a good place to pick up how this got started and why it matters is here: Climategate for Dummies. Climate Depot also has lots of continually updated stories on climategate and there is a handy video who’s who at WUWT. For fun, read the round-up and then take the Climategate quiz at The Shadowlands.

Climategate Data & Fallout

After the initial rush to comb through the leaked emails, it looks like the real undoing for the motley CRU will be their code. It gets picked apart here, with shocking results. Calls for a criminal investigation begin: .. As the impact of the leaked emails sinks in, the CRU ’scientists’ reputations sink to charlatans and thieves. An IPCC scientist calls for Michael Mann and the motley CRU to be fired from the UN’s climate fiction organization because they are ‘no longer credible.’ Another scientist wants to go further and suggests that the IPCC itself has passed its best-before date. Watt’s has more of Mike Hulme’s IPCC deathwatch. One defense of global warming science says that the CRU leak involves only a few scientists and that does not affect the overall conclusion that the planet is about to boil us all into vapor. That defense ignores the inconvenient truth that the scientists caught burying data, manipulating results and generally behaving badly lead the global warming charge and have the ear of policymakers. Rigging peer review damaged the very process that scaremongers cry means everything when faced with inconvenient skeptical scientists. Heh. Piers Corbyn calls for Hopenchangen in Copenhagen to be canceled. Good idea, but then where would all the hypocrites go? Dodgy science gets us all off the hook. Michael Mann will be investigated for his part in Climategate. To be fair, one of the emails connected to Mann is from CRU asking him to delete emails related to AR4 but there is no evidence he did any such thing. He faked the hockey stick and manipulates data like a fiend, so there’s enough rope to hang him with without guessing what he might or might not have deleted. The IPCC, surrounded. Hide the decline, redux.

Climategate in the Media

Despite the MSM’s best efforts to prop up the global warming hoax’s most embarrassing moment by either NOT reporting it, or spinning it to avoid the inconvenient truth, readers are ahead of the story. The comments at the Houston Chronicle take the paper to the woodshed for failing to report the news. Mark Steyn weighs in on climategate:

It might be that “climate change” is an organized criminal conspiracy to defraud the entire developed world. Or there might be a “good explanation”. I’d be interested to hear it.

Glover knows that something is rotten in the state of East Anglia.

media priorities explainedmedia priorities explained

The Examiner discovers that Climategate is bad for Obama. Which explains the media silence nicely. CRU no longer has the raw data that the global warming hoax was based on, because they destroyed it. Is this the story that will blow the lid off of Climategate and send it mainstream? The BBC’s Paul Hudson had the leaked data emailed to him over one month before Climategate. Now he has nothing to say, has the BBC silenced him? Canada’s state-funded CBC (or Can-Jazeera as I prefer to call them) discovers that their audience knows all about the stories they refuse to cover: .. The worst scientific scandal of our generation. Quite. The Economist covers the motley CRU misbehavior but continues to push ‘AGW is really real, honest’ garbage. Which is why they lost my subscription. ABC finally covers Climategate on TV. Another week and even NBC won’t be able to ignore it.

Hippie Heads Exploding

What, exactly, are the alarmists afraid of? Truth, perhaps. Too little, too late? The motley CRU announce their intention to release ALL their data. As if that will erase the evidence of their collusion to hide/destroy or otherwise interfere with the scientific process. Climategate wrecks the precious consensus so beloved of weather hysterics everywhere. Google, founded by wannabe hippies with a big jet, tried to suppress the rising tide of Climategate. Inconveniently, the people will not be suppressed. Bing’s autosuggest has no compunction about coughing up Climategate after only entering C-L-I. Hmmm. Global warming scientists dismissed skeptics and refused to engage them. That strategy looks pretty short-sighted these days. It’s the totalitarianism, stupid. For a Canadian example of an intolerant green totalitarian, see here.

'I once sold a hoax this big'‘I once sold a hoax this big’

Economist and climategate apologist Paul Krugman gets the verbal equivalent of a face slapping with a rancid kipper by Don Easterbrook. Oh noes, more bad news for hippies, the Germans tried to warn the world about the global warming hoax 2 years ago. When you’ve lost the Germans… Hugo Rifkind, possibly the dumbest lefty out there:

…when I can’t be arsed properly to understand something, I tend to defer to those who can. I trust engineers to build bridges and I trust doctors to cure diseases. Likewise climatologists on man-made global warming. Most of them seem to believe in it. They might all be wrong, but they’re less likely to be wrong than I am. Call me a mindless stooge, but that’s good enough for me.

Rifkind gets his wish here.

Climategate Hottie

So I watched a little Firefly over the weekend, which brought this spottie to mind (spottie = space hottie). She also stars in Mad Men, which I figure must be an accurate description of the motley CRU, and she’s wearing green and that’s good enough for me. Climategaters, your day is brghtened by Ms. Christina Hendricks.


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Climategate Round-Up #3

It’s Black Friday in America, and you can bet that the mood of climate alarmists is as dark when they discover that the holiday has done nothing to dampen public enthusiasm for ‘climategate’ news. Here’s the third Round-Up, you can see the first here and the second here. If you missed the regular edition of the Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, it’s here. Enjoy.

The Leak/Hack

The San Francisco Chronicle covers the ‘hack’ but fails to look at what the released emails and data might mean. The paper interviewed a series of invested climate scaremongers to assure the Left Coasties that there is nothing to see here, move along. As goes the UK climate science credibility, so goes Middle Earth’s too? If you don’t yet understand why the leak/hack is such big news, it’s because the people are involved shape the science, and the debate. Here is an excellent chart that shows the relative email hierarchy of those exposed in the CRU leak.

The Inconvenient Emails/Data

The leaked CRU emails exposed bad behaviour, the code exposes junk science manipulated beyond the point where even the manipulators cannot figure out if it means anything:

I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seem to be in nearly as poor a state as
Australia was. There are hundreds if not thousands of pairs of dummy stations, one with no WMO
and one with, usually overlapping and with the same station name and very similar coordinates. I
know it could be old and new stations, but why such large overlaps if that’s the case? Aarrggghhh!
There truly is no end in sight.

The Willis Eisenbach connection. If you don’t know ’bout Willis, read the link. Steve McIntyre explains the now infamous ‘trick’ to hide the decline. What do the emails show, apart from bullying and data manipulation? How about total disregard for the scientific process. The motely CRU’s emails and garbage code has all been too much for James Delinpole, in fact he’s so excited that he’s comparing the leak with the fall of the Berlin Wall, then writes something about zombie Reagan. Good times. The evidence of AGW that, well, wasn’t. The UN IPCC decided that hiding the decline was perfectly fine. Has the UK whitewash already begun? Remember this old adage, it’s not the crime that kills you, it’s the cover-up.

The CRU Hack/Leak in the Media

The US Congress has started an investigation into the CRU leak, which might be very bad news for Michael Mann. Phil Jones, the head of the CRU and the man that vowed to delete data before releasing it to skeptics, dismisses that there is any conspiracy. Well, that clears that up then, shall we all go to Hopenchangen as scheduled? Piers Corbyn stomped over Russian TV with a mighty interview, and then very nicely dropped by the Daily Bayonet in the comments. Andy and Michael, sitting in a tree…. Fun with Fox: .. The Age finds that climate scaremongers were caught out. The BBC, blew a bona fide scoop on the CRU leak and prefers to peddle the scaremongering. Get active and start calling your local political representative, it’s the only way to slay the green giant. CNN finally gets around to mentioning climategate, which is disturbing because it can only mean that nothing devastating happened to a celebrity today.

Hippie Heads Explode

Delingpole examines the squirming alarmists as they struggle to comprehend how their cozy little climate con exploded into the public eye. A sure sign that the apocalypse is near is when it is left to George Monbiot be the only lefty talking sense about the fallout from the CRU leak. It’s good job that skeptics have enough red meat from the CRU leak, because the weather hysterics want us to give up our steaks ‘to save the planet’. Carol ‘never put anything in writing‘ Browner sees nothing to concern her from the CRU leak. Color me shocked. Michael Mann responds to the CRU leak, and in some small way throws the motley CRU under the bus. He’s still staying quiet about why the Miami Vice movie was so bad. The climate alarmists strike back at the viral #climategate Twitter with the lamest tag ever – swifthack. They think it’s clever because they despise Marc Morano for his part in destroying JFKerry’s run at President, but of course, you’d have to know that for their tag to make sense, and most folks don’t remember Kerry at all. Michael Mann has re-discovered the Medieval Warm Period. Oh noes. Ed Begley, funnier than all hell trying to defend the cause he’s wasted his recent life promoting and screaming about peer review. Grab popcorn.

CRU Hack/Leak Hottie

I mentioned Middle Earth above, in relation to New Zealand. You get it or you don’t, Google it. I wasn’t going to do this, but I couldn’t Elf myself. Here’s Liv Tyler: liv arwenSource

Climategate Round-Up #2

The CRU hack/leak story is moving fast, and it’s tough to keep up, but fear not, for another bonus round-up is here to help.

Did the BBC hide the story for a month? Did Phil Jones know he’d be compared to a famous but unpleasant Presidential emission? You’ll be surprised what you can learn. Oh, and I turned up the snark-o-matic, enjoy.

The Leak/Hack

BBC weatherman Paul Hudson confirms the leaked emails are genuine. He knows this because they were emailed to him in October. The obvious questions are, who emailed it to him, and why did Hudson not think evidence of corruption and collusion worthy of reporting?

Was it a hack, or a leak? Maybe it was neither.

Lord Lawson, Thatcherite ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, demands a public enquiry into the exposed malpractice and deception of the motley CRU.

Sen. Inhofe makes me look like a genius and demands an investigation. Thanks, Jim.

Pile on! The CEI sues NASA/GISS for ignoring FOIA requests. For any lefties reading, this is a face palm moment. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

not the WWF again

not the WWF again

If it was a leak, whodunnit?
Malkin notes that enquiries are being demanded on both sides of the Atlantic. Popcorn, bring me it.

It’s the fraud, stupid.

The Inconvenient Emails/Data

Revenge of the nerds: a programmer trawls through the leaked CRU code and giggles mightily at what he finds. Settled science, what science? James Taranto on the revelations of corruption.

Revenge of the nerds part deux: a statistician digs into the code, and is unimpressed.

Viscount Monkton reviewed the data and emails and determines that the motley CRU are criminals. Ouch, don’t sugar coat it or anything.

The CRU leak undermines scientist’s credibility and the IPCC’s ability to push junk science at a very bad time for the alarmists as they pack their bags for Hopenchangen in Copenhagen.
The motley CRU made ASSes of themselves.
Freakonomicist Dubner see the ugly side of science.
Warmist believers cannot believe what they are finding out about the people they trusted were selling them, and boy, are they upset.

Do Jones et al’s repeated statements about denying FOI requests mean that the data set wasn’t lost, but deleted?

The CRU Hack/Leak in the Media

The Australian covers the bunfight between alarmists and skeptics, giving fair weight to the inconvenient truths exposed in the CRU leak.
Planet Gore compares the CRU leak to Clintonesque spooge on a blue dress. Apologies for the imagery, but they said it.

The Washington Post weighs in and picks on Jones and Mann.
The Chicago Observer wants an apology from the warmistas. Perhaps when hell freezes over. And it might, apparently climate models aren’t all that great.

The Daily Telegraph asks readers what they think of the leak, with predictable results.
The fix is in. You don’t say?

The Washington Times: Hiding evidence of global cooling, Junk science exposed among climate-change believers

The WSJ piles on. And then reports on the lawmakers waking up to the scandal.

Hippie Heads Exploding

The New York Times released information that compromised US national security, but won’t publish the CRU documents. Agenda, much?

The Guardian’s George Monbiot apologizes for being a credulon* but then tries to gloss over the seriousness of the CRU leak by writing a (bad) satirical piece. I warned you, remember that.

can you tell he's a leftie?

he’s a leftie, does it show?

The University of East Anglia, site of the CRU, issues a reaction to the hack/leak that will look pretty silly if it turns out not to be a hack. Shamefully, they have no condemnation of the scientific malpractice, bullying and deception committed by their team, just words about how hackers are bad.

It’s a good thing hippies are allergic to soap, because somebody needs to go to jail. And he doesn’t mean the hacker.

Unpredictable Andy Revkin hosts a debate about whether the leak is more serious than what it uncovered. Right now, alarmists cling to the hope that the release of the data was a hack, because if it was a leak, their primary defense will disappear faster than President Obama when a tough decision is needed.

Phil Jones, CRU leader, wonders if his age is a problem understanding the cooling trend. Cluebat for Phil, it’s not your age that’s deficient, it’s your ethics.
Believers explain their point of view about the inconvenient truth: shut up!

*Credulon = A Credulous Moron ( or AGW believer)

Because it’s just not a round-up without a hottie. Continuing the hacker theme from yesterday, Sneakers starred Robert Redford. Redford co-starred in Spy Games with Brad Pitt, whose current Mrs. was yesterday’s hottie. So here’s his ex, Jennifer Aniston. You’re welcome.
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